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ARTnews Review of Natvar Bhavsar Exhibition

May 27, 2012 - Steven Litt

"Bhavsar's work embodies an intersection fo East and West, Color Field painting filtered through Indian culture."

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The Metaphysics of Expression: A Conversation with Natvar Bhavsar

April 30, 2012 - Abeed Hossain for South Asia Journal, April 2012 Issue

"He [Natvar Bhavsar] is, in the words of art critic Jay Jacobs, 'the best known and most successful Indian born contemporary artist on the planet,' an important figure in the New York Color Field movement credited with having substantively advanced the technical and conceptual possibilities of paint on canvas."

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Natvar Bhavsar Discusses New York in the 1960s, Mark Rothko and His Contessa Gallery Exhibition

March 10, 2012 - Douglas Max Utter, The Plain Dealer

"My paintings are inspired by powerful entities -- engulfing complexities which are the powers given to us." Natvar Bhavsar

To read the full interview with Natvar Bhavsar, please click here.

Natvar Bhavsar Paintings at Contessa Gallery Explore Mysteries of Matter and Spirit Through Color

February 23, 2012 - Steve Litt, The Plain Dealer

Congratulations to our artist Natvar Bhavsar on a wonderful review in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

To read the full review of the Natvar Bhavsar exhibition at Contessa Gallery please click here.


ARTNews Magazine Features David Drebin Photography

February 28, 2011 - Rebecca Robertson

A talented photographer without equal, David Drebin is above all a storyteller. His brooding and glamorous works tell tales of lust and voyeurism, as well as seduction and escape. Not afraid to be daring, Drebin also tantalizes us with subtle allusions. His sweeping cinematic images feature the majestic backdrops of such world cities as Berlin, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. These photographs pulse with a charged sensuality, using color and light to maximum effect.

The February 2011 issue of ARTnews magazine featured a 4-page article on the career and the art of David Drebin. It highlights some of his best works several of which are on view at Contessa Gallery.

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Contessa Gallery Impresses with Wide Range of Chuck Close's Works

September 28, 2009 - Dan Tranberg, Special to the Plain Dealer

Contessa co-owner Steve Hartman spent the past two years gathering an impressive and diverse collection of 65 works by Close, produced over four decades. [...] The works at Contessa include one-of-a-kind pieces and rare limited editions as well as recent prints that have never before been exhibited. The result is a knockout show that proves Close, at age 69, to be continually increasing his range by delving into new media, formats and techniques.

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