Sean Henry


Sean Henry Biography

B. 1965 -


A native of England, Sean Henry is one of the most impressive artists of today. At the age of eighteen, he made the decision to create sculpture after becoming inspired by the artwork he saw while visiting Florence, Italy. The theme of Henry's sculpture is the tension between the making and staging of figures that seem to belong to the real world, and the degree to which they echo our experiences and sympathies.

Sean Henry's sculptures are individually painted by the artist using oil paint on the bronze surface. Each sculpture is like a three-dimensional painting, and the technique makes it possible for Henry to infuse his works with personality and character. Henry's figures are frozen in time, as if poised and about to move. But unlike any modern sculptor, Henry's oil painting technique gives a sense of personal immediacy and depth of emotion to every figure.

Sean has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and Europe. Over the years he has shown at the Royal Festival Hall, London, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and The Society of Sculptors, London.