Metis Atash


Metis  Atash Biography
Metis Atash was born on January 1, 1979, in Romania. She grew up in Munich, Germany. Today she lives between the United States and Europe. The sculptures of the German artist Metis Atash combine the aesthetics of pop art with the traditions of conceptual art, creating unique works of art with deep spiritual meanings, but which also refer to art history and fashion.
Metis sculpts in fiberglass and uses acrylic paint, automotive lacquer, and SWAROVSKI Crystals to enhance her pieces. All her creations are subject to a multistep process of clay modeling, molding, sculpting, sanding, and lacquering. The objects of her work are based on the spiritual being and her sculptures are inspired by the ancient teachings of the DAOISM. The word DAO translates as "path" or "way" of life. DAOIST propriety and ethics focus on nature, the relationship between humanity and the cosmos, health, and longevity as well as action through inaction, which is thought to produce harmony with the universe.
Metis' pieces are aimed to be perceived as the mirror of our eternal souls. They showcase the duality in life and the merging of our inner beings with our physical beings. Metis’s intention is to create pieces that breathe and exhale uniqueness and individuality. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and awards the living space with an aura of captivating experience. “In order to understand my work, one must understand my journey and my ongoing search to connect with something greater than myself... with the source of my inner being."