News: Contessa Gallery: Exhibiting Groundbreaking Artwork at Art Miami 2017, December  4, 2017

Contessa Gallery: Exhibiting Groundbreaking Artwork at Art Miami 2017

December 4, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017 Cleveland, OH & Palm Beach, FLContessa Gallery will be participating in the 28th annual Art Miami Fair. Over these past 28 years, Art Miami has established a well-known reputation for providing fine art collectors with the latest in high quality Contemporary and Modern Art. The fair will begin on December 5 and run through December 10, 2017. Contessa Gallery is thrilled to present the most recent works by Mr. Brainwash, Cayla Birk., David Drebin, Hijack, Brendan Murphy and Daniele Sigalot at Art Miami 2017 (Booths #A137a & #A137b). This will be the highly anticipated exclusive Art Miami/Basel Week exclusive debut of Cayla Birk. and Brendan Murphy’s artwork with the gallery.


Contessa Gallery will host a separate booth entirely dedicated to Mr. Brainwash’s electrifying works. The brilliant artist will design the booth, and it is sure to be a blockbuster attraction at Art Miami. Mr. Brainwash began his artistic career over 17 years ago documenting the underground world of street artists. His artistic evolution is chronicled in the Academy Award nominated documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, directed by Banksy. Known for his stylistic combination of pop and street art, Brainwash creates his works by fiercely fusing together historical pop imagery with contemporary cultural iconography. This year the gallery is excited to showcase the artist’s continual revolutionary experimentation with new techniques, media, materials and subject matter. The special exhibition will include new original works on Wood, Metal, Brick, Canvas, Paper, Unique Sculpture and most recently, Neon Light Mixed Media.


The gallery will exclusively introduce the groundbreaking Birktone Series at Art Miami. The series is executed by innovative contemporary artist and visionary, Cayla Birk. The artist states, “As artists, we eat, breathe, and sleep colors - or the lack thereof. We know their power to evoke emotions and the rest of the globalized world does too. More often than not, we associate colors with different entities; sometimes memories and even people themselves. Through this series, I explored this notion and satirically paid homage to the most famous color company in present day: Pantone. Much of the work that pervades this series depicts pop cultural icons and social phenomenons. Each piece looks as though it is a Pantone swatch from afar, but as you near, the signature Birk. designs become more apparent. The subject matter enables the observer to think of color in a new yet austere way.”


David Drebin is one of the most successful and highly collected multi-disciplinary artists working today. The gallery will display new, never before seen Photographs, Lightboxes, Neon Light Installations and Photo Sculptures by the artist at Art Miami. His works are compilations of alluring fantasies, didactic landscapes and mysterious circumstances, all in some way or another idyllic in appearance. Contessa Gallery will present the artist’s groundbreaking vision: Photo Sculptures. Drebin’s glamorous and mysterious muses come to life with the power of three-dimensional imaging. Translating his most elusive femme fatales into Photo Sculptures allow the viewer to investigate all angles of his most popular narratives. This next level of exploration unearths Drebin’s cinematic story even further. Each Photo Sculpture is produced to the highest quality of craftsmanship in a limited edition of six. Drebin's artwork will certainly be a showstopper at Art Miami 2017.


Contessa Gallery is pleased to bring street artist Hijack back to Art Miami. His artwork received widespread positive reviews during his Art Miami debut last year. He is currently one of the most talked-about, up and coming artists today. Hijack's poignant new works take an evident imaginative and brilliantly constructed turn. As he has evolved as an artist, Hijack has fashioned a unique persona. Inspired by the spirit of music and the poetry of everyday moments, the artist believes they create colorful and meaningful perspectives on life.


Contessa Gallery is ecstatic to debut Brendan Murphy’s latest artwork exclusively at their booth this year. This will be the highly-anticipated Art Miami/Basel Week debut of Murphy’s futuristic Boonji spacemen sculptures and unique chalkboard artwork with the gallery. Works will include epic canvases with explosions of color and equational rhetoric, as well as incredibly crafted sculptures that have never been before seen. This paramount exhibition of Murphy’s works will surely obtain the attention of major collectors from around the world. Each of Murphy’s works maintain a consistent exploration of color, language and symbols. Thematically, the artist explores the interplay of beauty, power and the need to understand the energies of life. Murphy is particularly inspired by art’s potential to transmit positive energy, and the effect that the positive energy has on society. Brendan Murphy’s talent lies in his ability in balancing these various elements of exploration against the backdrop of his greatest inspirations; beautiful women, athletes, powerful symbols and the spectrum of human emotion.


Contessa Gallery artist, Daniele Sigalot, recently wrapped up his solo exhibition: TUTTO È GIÀ VOSTRO. Sigalot’s artwork solely occupied seven massive rooms in the Caserta Palace in Italy for the summer. The juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional was the first exhibition of its kind in the palace’s history. Contessa Gallery is pleased to bring many of these works to Art Miami to be exhibited for the first time in the United States. While generally known for his aluminum paper plane installations, the gallery will show new installations and sculptures, including: If You Show Me Your Empathy, I’ll Show You Mine, an interactive self-portrait meant to entice viewers with an internal reflection against the cracked black mirror. Duplicitous III will be the feature of the booth with stainless steel and corten steel paper places choreographed in an elegant dance on the center wall. Viewers are always pleasantly surprised to find that these “paper planes” are not paper at all, but hand fabricated units of different metals.


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Contessa Gallery’s booths for Art Miami 2017 are #A137a & #A137b.


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