News: Announcing David Drebin "Beautiful Disasters" - an Upcoming Book, May  4, 2012 - Contessa Gallery

Announcing David Drebin "Beautiful Disasters" - an Upcoming Book

May 4, 2012 - Contessa Gallery

Our fantasies can be alluring but also bittersweet. It is this tension that makes David Drebin's sensuous imagery so spellbinding. In his latest collection, this acclaimed contemporary photographer creates bout visual narratives around each of his luschious heroine's voyages of seducton. Aloof, yet irresistible, the women remain tantalizingly anonymous even though there are a few mega stars among them. Set against a global backdrop of sophistication, the locales range from New York to Jerusalem, Miami to Istanbul. Whom will they seduce? Whom will they reject? Follow this spellbinding photographic master of intrigue as he takes us on a journey that could shock but might also lead to bliss in his new book "Beautiful Disasters."

Available in a regular edition as well as a collectors' edition, the book is expected to be released in September 2012. The regular edition (bottom image) will feature "Girl in the Red Mirror" on the front cover and "Taxi Lovers" on the back cover and will contain over 100 color photographs. The collectors' edition (top image) will offer a limited signed and numbered photoprint "Ultimatum City" (in the middle) in the first 50 copies (approximately 13 x 17 inches).


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