News: Contessa Gallery Presents New Dreamscapes by David Drebin Ahead of Release and Late Summer Book Launch, March 19, 2016 - Chelsea Robbins

Contessa Gallery Presents New Dreamscapes by David Drebin Ahead of Release and Late Summer Book Launch

March 19, 2016 - Chelsea Robbins

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - Cleveland, OH - First Look: Special opportunity to acquire new David Drebin Dreamscapes ahead of the public release & Late Summer book launch. Available exclusively through Contessa Gallery. Titles are forthcoming.

David Drebin (B. 1970 - ) is one of the most successful and highly collected photographers working today. Contessa Gallery recently debuted his latest monograph, Chasing Paradise, inaugurated with a solo show for the artist at the gallery, October 2 – November 7, 2015. The popular exhibition launched a series of international book signings and solo shows with the artist. Chasing Paradise marks Drebin’s fourth monograph of works (preceded by; Beautiful Disasters in 2012, The Morning After in 2011, and Love and Other Stories in 2007). The book’s title is appropriate, as his works are compilations of alluring fantasies, didactic landscapes and mysterious circumstances, all in some way or another idyllic in appearance. The scenes that the artist creates are worlds nearly utopic in juxtaposition with the viewer’s actuality. What is so fascinating about Drebin is his ability to convey the beautiful in extraordinary doses, while he simultaneously diminishes the flaws of reality. Contessa Gallery, at Art Miami, exhibited yet another extraordinary David Drebin world premier for 2015, the artist’s latest vision: Photo Sculptures. Drebin’s glamorous and mysterious muses come to life with the power of three-dimensional imaging. Translating his most elusive femme fatales into Photo Sculptures allow the viewer to investigate all angles of his most popular narratives. This next level of exploration unearths Drebin’s cinematic story even further. These sculptures are exclusively available through Contessa Gallery, and they were thrilled to present them to the public for the first time at Art Miami. Each Photo Sculpture is produced to the highest quality of craftsmanship in a limited edition of six. The gallery is proud to exhibit David Drebin’s Photography, Neon Light Installations, Lightboxes and Photo Sculptures, highlighting his ascension as a multidisciplinary Art World Star.

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