Marco Grassi


Marco Grassi Biography

B. 1966-

Marco Grassi is an Italian painter best known for his motley colored yet recognizable depictions of beautiful women. Situated within the context of Pop Art, Grassi produces a more personal expression through the baroque textures and hues that define his work.

Marco creates remarkable portraits thanks to their realism, accompanied by a special hint of surrealism. The artist's use of his nontraditional subjects highlights the importance in which he handles their details so thoroughly.

Grassi has developed a very personal style which glorifies the identity of the female subject in the precise moment they are painted. His intense female portraits captivates the viewer by creating a silent dialogue between the subject and the audience.

Marco Grassi's pieces are striking, they combine pure elaboration and hyper-realistic color. In his most recent works, Marco has abandoned the element that was once his trademark style and technique. His recent subjects display less certainty, which once allowed the figures to integrate themselves fully with the complex weave of colors. Today, the background against which they are represented is more decisive and reflects the subjects' facial expressions and intense silence, creating a complicity with the observer.

Born in 1966 in Milan, Italy, Grassi has been the subject of solo and group exhibitions around the world. He was selected to be at the opening of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2011.